Bonnie Morrow

Bonnibell “Bonnie” Morrow is one of the player characters in Aldridge – Torrent of Heroes.

Session 3

After eating at least sixteen bratwurst links, Bonnie followed a strange group of people she never met before into the depths of the forest in pursuit of an ice-themed monster. After almost being killed immediately by frog people, the party came across a weird-ass talking tree that literally strangled her until she lost consciousness.

After waking up (and discovering that she wasn’t raped by a splintery wooden penis), she made her escape and killed every bug in the forest. In the morning, the party noticed she was missing and went to go find her (lest she dies and they have to start the game over). After reuniting, they came across a troll guarding a bridge.

Session 4

Bonnie amazingly survived the battle with the troll taking no damage. The skeletons posed little threat as well. Afterwards, the party discovered a hidden niche under the bridge. While the rest of the group collected useless artifacts, Bonnie did the logical thing and gathered up a group of four skulls. They reunited with Ianeak as well. Heading back to town, they were immediately arrested upon arrival.

She almost convinced the sheriff to let them go, but the rest of the party implored him to let them stay, as they have never been inside a building nicer than the jail. Sheppard left though. After making small talk with an owl, the building activated its self-destruct sequence. A dwarf named Caleb helped them escape as well as ransack the sheriff’s burning office. They got in a boat and got the fuck out of there jesus christ.

During the boat ride, Bonnie discovered that one of the skulls was actually alive. It didn’t matter though because a fucking wraith came and fisted us straight into a dungeon.

Session 5

Long story short we went in a big loop and activated every single trap.

Session 6

The talking skull (Xanster) said that apparently it’s a talking head as well as the wraith? What? How is that- I don’t understand how that’s possible but okay. Anyway we fought more skeletons, and things were all fine and dandy until we got to this underwater passage. Nimmion went in and didn’t come back out. Morrow bravely leaped into the chest of holding and waited like an hour real time for everyone to finish the battle.

Session 7

Bonnie escapes the dungeon and goes on to single-handedly defeat the final boss, who I’m guessing is cyborg Vladmir Mirren.


  • Bonnie Morrow is an anagram for Boner Win Room.

Bonnie Morrow

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