Trolls Head

Trolls Head is a tavern built over a waterfall of the Misty River. It’s the landmark of Aldridge and the first building to have been constructed. The tavern’s patrons are mostly dwarf and human’s, sharing stories, planning hunts, and meeting up afterwards. The ale is brewed strong but other other drinks and food are available here. The bar is run by a Dwarf named Oloaver Underfolk, oversized and constantly drinking. The inside of the tavern is furnished with all sizes of tables and chairs, to accomodate any race, as all are welcome. The walls are layered in trophies of beats and monsters killed, the common animals punctuated with the occasional owlbear or troll.

There is a bounty board opposite the great fire with several flyers pinned to it, one stands out from the others as none of the others touch its edges, making it stand out on the center of the wall.

Rooms at Trolls Head costs 3gp per night for one, and 5gp for two, at the bar there is:

Item Price Unit Special
Dwarven Stout Ale 1sp Mug Con save per pint
Average Ale 5cp Mug Con save per pint
Mead 7cp Mug Con save per pint
Hard Cider 7cp Mug Con save per pint
Rum 1cp Mug Con save per pint
Rum Keg 1sp 8lb Price and weight are per gallon, each pint acts as above
Venison 3sp 0.5lb Goes bad within in a couple days if not frozen
Boar Roast 3gp Roast Feeds up to dozen people
Meal 4sp Plate

Trolls Head

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