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Aldridge – Torrent of Heroes

In an undeveloped region of Clime, just south of the Galloping Wash, the town of Aldridge sits on a waterfall along the Misty River. Many come to this place for its famous tavern, Trolls Head. The tavern’s namesake is that of which the tavern has come to have been known for: monster slaying. Stories are shared nightly from the warriors and monster slayers who claim ownership of the beasts’ heads lining the walls of the tavern, of great battles and vague mythology, dreams of Valhalla. A roaring fire lights up a massive owlbear torso above, and mountings of dozens of other creatures diffuse from that point. The location of Aldridge is no mistake, it’s said to have been built by barbaric men as big as the beasts who prowl this place; Thornthroat Forest. Not even twenty five from the Galloping Wash, the dense forests and deep rushing Misty River are home to a plethora of dangerous flora and fauna. A hunter’s paradise.

The Adventure

It is this tavern, Trolls Head, where our story begins. A full assortment of races appears in this place, as the only requirement for welcome is brawn or cunning, but the predominant race in this region is Dwarves, and they make up the largest piece of the pie. Goblins are less common due to their general lack of interest in beasts of the wild. Your character may be here to listen to stories to bring home. The town also has many unique goods and food available nowhere else. You might even be preparing to brave Thornthroat Forest to live out your own stories! Whatever reason it may be, you’ve found yourself in this town, and it’s just starting to get dark as you sit down at a table in Trolls Head.

Character Level: 3rd
Starting Wealth: 350 gp

Main Page

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