They say Aldridge was founded by the half dwarf, half orc, beast of a man called Kragsthou. The story goes that Kragsthou fought a Stone Giant atop Great Fist, the plateau that hangs above what is now the town.

It was the middle of winter, and Kragsthou was braving the snow covered hills. A blizzard was picking up as the boulder Krag was climbing started to raise beneath his feet. He gripped the brow of the now obvious stone giant, as through its clashing teeth it let out a blood curdling roar.

Kragsthou roared back.

With his warhammer in one hand, and maul in the other, Krag smashed into both sides of the giant’s head before dropping. A race down the mountain ensued, Krag ducking and weaving between the legs of the giant. A massive stone fist pelted Krag in the chest and he was thrown backwards, and skidded across a stone plateau, only coming to a stop when he was inches away from the edge, a frozen waterfall hundreds of feet below. His hammers broke through the ice, but Kragsthou’s will would never be broken. He turned to face the monster, and in a feat of trickery, caught its arm as it swung at him again. Krag was pulled into the air on massive stone limb, and used the momentum to jump at the head of the giant, and brought his fist into the solid cheek of the stone one. The giant’s feet started to slip as several of its teeth dropped from its mouth. Krag could have let the giant fall and easily saved himself, but our hero is not one to leave a job unfinished. He continued to pound his fists into the face of the giant as it slipped from the stone plateau, and only let up after crashing into the frozen pool halfway down the falls, and drowning the giant, though in doing so, freezing in the pool with it.

A massive mead hall was built over the falls, using the body of the stone giant as its foundation, and that is how Aldridge came to be.


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