The town of Aldridge was erected hundreds of years ago by Dwarven barbarians and hunters. Originally consisting only of a massive mead hall balancing over the Misty River, the town has grown into the rocky hillside since then. The hall has picked up the name Trolls Head after the trophies mounted here as proof of great beast hunter’s grit. A large plateau of rock looming over the town is named Stone Fist, after the fight Kragsthou had with a Stone Giant on it. The proximity to the Galloping Wash gives Aldridge a unique blend of flora and fauna, leading to both the beast hunters and an exotic food and goods market.

Aldridge is host to a strong folk who take joy in the occasional wyvern setting their homes on fire, for it is the journey, not the destination. Toughness is enforced and adored in this place, which will end the weak of heart in more ways than one. Storytellers and craftsmen of all sorts have flocked to Aldridge; and the market is host to many armor smiths, weapon forgers, chefs, and those selling arcane goods.

Aldridge sits just to the south of Thornthroat Forest, about 24 miles from the Galloping Wash, and is where our adventure begins.


Rocktoe Inn



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